Frequently asked questions:

How can I know if it is economically feasible to repair my camera?

If you love your camera and you are familiar with its functions it is up to you to approve the estimate.

What if I think the estimate to repair my camera is too much and I decline the repair?

Your diagnostic fee is not refunded, because we have to spend some hours to find the problem with your camera.

How long is the warranty for the repairs on my camera?

We offer our customer with 3 months of warranty for our repair service.

If the camera has the same problem: These are the fallowing conditions that we do not cover:

1-liquid damage

2-sand damage

3-physical damage such impact damage.

How long will it take for my camera to be repaired?

Depending on the problem and availability of the parts, we usually take from 2 to 5 labor days after you approve the estimate.


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Great experience fast service

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